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In2une Music | 1633 Broadway, 9th Floor | New York, NY 10019
In2une Music | 3400 W Olive Ave | Burbank, CA 91505
In2une Nashville | 907 Gleaves Street | Nashville, TN 37203

In2une Music Team:
Dale Connone | President I dconnone@in2unemusic.com
Ken Lucek | EVP Managing Partner | kenlucek@in2unemusic.com
Lori Rischer l SVP, Promotion | lori@in2unemusic.com
Dave Lombardi | SVP, Rock Formats I dave@in2unemusic.com
Kevin Young | VP, AAA / Midcentral Manager I kevin@in2unemusic.com
Christina Palmese | West Coast Manager | christina@in2unemusic.com
Charlie Strobel | South Manager I charlie@in2unemusic.com
Katie Spotts | Northeast Manager I katie@in2unemusic.com
Elana Riggle | Midwest Manager I elana@in2unemusic.com
Colleen Corry | Project Manager | colleen@in2unemusic.com

In2une Nashville Team:
Dale Connone | President I dconnone@in2unemusic.com
Cat Collins | EVP / General Manager | cat@in2unenashville.com
Jamice Jennings
l VP, Promotion l jamice@in2unenashville.com
Blake Nixon l Promotion Manager I blake@in2unenashville.com

In2une Marketing Team:
Lori Rischer l SVP, Marketing | lori@in2unemusic.com
Brian Mandler | SVP, Digital I brian@in2unemusic.com
Christina Palmese | Campus Marketing | christina@in2unemusic.com
Stacy Kanter | VP, Visual Assetts & Product Management | skanter@in2unemusic.com
Jamie Litt | Director, Creative & Web Design | jamie@littmedia.net